Spec Houses in High Demand

In today’s housing market, there’s currently a strong demand for speculative building, as many people are looking for an “entry-level” or starter home, who do not have the time or the funds for costly renovations. Speculative home flooring installations are a safe investment that puts the emphasis on saving-time, reliability, and quality when it comes to delivering a professional product to builders or new homeowners. At Ash Wood Floors, we work with builders, homeowners, and house flippers to install hardwood flooring extraordinarily fast, while still providing flawless results.

Quick Turn-Around Time

Speculative homes and speculative hardwood floor installations are beneficial to buyers and builders due to the quick turn-around time that is required. Whether you are a first time home buyer or looking to own a home before your rental lease is up, spec houses are the perfect choice for you.

High-Quality Speculative Home Hardwood Flooring Installation

At Ash Wood Floors, we have experienced speculative builders and speculative home hardwood flooring professionals to provide you with high-quality hardwood flooring installation. We have extensive knowledge and years of experience installing hardwood floors, and offer different types of wood and a variety of hardwood flooring patterns and designs to meet your needs.

Speculative Home Hardwood Flooring by Ash Wood Floors in NJ

Get the job done right the first time by the hardwood flooring experts at Ash Wood Floors. We have the experience and mastery for all hardwood floor installations. Whether you are a builder, homeowner or renovator throughout Northern New Jersey, we offer installation, repair, sanding and finishing, and different designs and patterns for all hardwood flooring. If you are interested in having hardwood flooring installed for your spec home or want to learn more about our additional services, contact us today.

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