Interested in Refinishing your Hardwood Floors?

Do you have a faded color, large scratches, or other minor imperfections on your hardwood floors? Don’t worry – Ash Wood Floors provides the best and affordable services in sanding and finishing to fully restore your homes hardwood floor to its original beauty. Hardwood floors are stunning and a substantial desired feature in any household. Having beautiful hardwood floors throughout your home promotes elegance, warmth, and sophistication that can elevate the presentation of your entire property.

Our Hardwood Floors Process

Before you can restore your hardwood floors, sanding must be completed first. Sanding is a necessary and useful process because of all its benefits. Sanding can help restore and repair  imperfections and damages on your floors, such as scratches, dents, wear and tear, scuff marks, and moisture damage. Sanding hardwood floors is the optimal technique to restore the originality of the wood that will last for years to come. During the sanding process, the finish and coloring of the floor are removed by sander, which is done extremely carefully so not too much wood is removed. At Ash Wood Floors, our team has extensive knowledge and experience in sanding hardwood floors properly.

Refinishing your Hardwood Floors with ease.

Whether your home is historic or newly built – hardwood floors experience a lot of foot traffic. Instead of replacing the floors entirely or covering their exquisite charm with high maintenance carpeting, you have the option to refinish your hardwood floors – making them look good as new! Refinishing hardwood floors not only establishes a stunning appearance, but it also will save you a notable amount of money in future repairs or replacements. At Ash Wood Floors, we provide the ultimate refinishing solutions you will need to revamp your homes hardwood flooring to its original beauty.

Affordable Hardwood Floor Sanding and Refinishing Services in NJ

Many households have no idea that there beautiful hardwood floors hiding underneath their carpeting. Embrace your homes original hardwood flooring with Ash Wood Floors. Bill Ash is knowledgeable and professional in being able to determine the thickness of your hardwood floorboards to ensure that there is enough floor to refinish, which in the end, will not compromise the integrity and stability of your home’s floorboards. Our team will also ensure that any gaps or dings are filled with the appropriate material before the sanding process begins. This provides our customers with a seamless look throughout the entire room. Contact us today to schedule an in-home estimate and begin to revitalize the natural beauty of your hardwood floors!

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