Hardwood Floor Repair in NJ

Hardwood Floor Repair in New Jersey

Hardwood floors add beauty and character to a home, but when they are damaged, you risk losing the look you desire. Damaged hardwood flooring doesn’t mean that it needs to be ripped out and replaced – hardwood can last far longer than you realize! If you have water damage, natural wear and tear, burns, scuffs, paint marks, or deep scratches on your hardwood flooring, Ash Wood Floors can come to the rescue and save your beautiful floors.

Professional Hardwood Floor Repair

Wood floorboards are generally durable, they’re still subject to accidental gouges. Hardwood flooring can be damaged by many factors including pets, water, children, furniture, and more. Natural wear and tear is inevitable over the years, however, it does not mean that you need to replace the entire floor altogether. At Ash Wood Floors, our professional team guarantees that you will be satisfied with our workmanship and the way we restore your hardwood floors to their former glory.

Repairing hardwood flooring without a professional can result in drastic consequences, such as making the damage significantly worse and reducing the hardwoods’ life, as much as 50%! The experts at Ash Wood Floors, only use state-of-the-art machinery along with top notch technicians. The Ash Wood Floors team will remove the smallest amount of wood possible during the sanding process, in order to fully restore your hardwood floor to appear as good as new – without reducing the life of the wood flooring. 

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Hardwood Floors?

It is essential to receive an in-home estimate before any work is performed since the cost to repair wood floors will be dependent on many different factors. This may include the size of the room, the type of wood flooring, and the level of damage to the wood floor. Compared to the cost of new hardwood flooring installation, repairs towards current wood floors are an extremely cost-effective option, especially if most of the floor is currently in good condition.

Hardwood Floor Repair in Wayne, New Jersey

Before you say goodbye to your damaged hardwood floors, let Ash Wood Floors bring them back to life! At Ash Wood Floors in Passaic County, New Jersey, we are committed to our work and make each individual project our number one priority. Bill Ash Sr., the founder of Ash Wood Floors, treats all the houses he works on like he would his own home. Ash Wood Floors knows how important it is to have beautiful, comfortable wood flooring, which is why you can trust us with your repair project! Whether you need the surface of the wood slightly repaired and refinished or a few wood boards replaced, Ash Wood Floors will work to make the entire space look cohesive and natural. We offer a wide range of hardwood flooring services to many different counties in New Jersey. Contact us today for a free quote and estimate to start repairing your wood flooring today.

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